Venture Capital Firm focusing on investments, from pre-seed to seed, that will impact our future

Investing in our future


Moving the Needle on Founder Failure

Our overall goal as a fund is to move the needle on founder failure.

65% of startups fail not because of lack of product market fit but because of people problems.

We run program’s aimed at breaking down the barriers faced by entrepreneurs trying to navigate the startup world.


Startup 2.0

Each week our video series will feature a new venture capital firm or seasoned entrepreneur covering subjects from raising capital to growth, and everything in between!

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An online pitch competition where the top startup wins access to funding and an incredible array of diverse investors.

We bring together the top entrepreneurs in the country to give them access to funding from twenty venture capital firms in Los Angeles as well as over 100 angel investors from prestigious angel groups such as Tech Coast Angels.

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Perks package

All of our investments get access to a $600,000 startup benefits package that provides either a large amount of credits or discounts to the main providers of the startup community.

Lower your burn rate with help from Google, Twilio, Zendesk, Airtable, and over 40 other providers.

Guiding Early-Stage Ventures to the Next Level

Amplite is an early-stage investor firm with a focus on finding founders that we can help.

If we can’t amplify you and take your business to the next level we won't invest.

We take a hands on approach with our portfolio companies by closely mentoring them, making industry and customer connections, and assisting with the funding raising process.